Draw UserTexts - User Manual


Draw UserTexts is a plugin for Rhino 3D, designed to add the possibility to automatically insert texts based on the curves usertexts in your Rhino document.

Plugin installation

The plugin installer can be downloaded at: https://www.tomkod.com/product/draw-usertexts/
A free trial is included, and yearly licenses can be purchased on the aforementioned page.
Draw UserTexts works only for Rhino 6 1).

License activation

The free evaluation can be used once per computer, and requires a network access to the following adress:
The license activation requires network access to www.tomkod.com
Please check your firewall in case of failure.


The toolbars for Rhino are always included in your plugins installation directory, or can be downloaded here.
To install them, you just have to drag/drop the file “Tomkod.rui” to a rhino window.

Features and commands




Adds annotations along your 2D curves using our smart positioning system. If the curve is too short or there isn't enough space, a leader will be used instead.



Scripted mode





Convert (metal sheets) outlines to single lines or arrows.



One or several outline curves(Usually a planar section). The selected curves will be automatically grouped using the user text “PartID”. Conversely, when a curve is picked, the whole group will be selected.


For each curves group, the main curve is kept and outlines or arrow are created. If the option is enabled, annotations will be also created. The result is previewed in real time while using the command, as well as a key table to understand the preview's icons.


Type Choose between Outline, Arrow or Auto. When Auto is selected, the user text “RhinoStructure:Type” will be read for each group. The result will be an arrow if the value is 'ARROW', else it will be an outline
Layer Select a layer for the result
ChangeSide Swap a group's offset or arrows orientation.
ChangeAllSides Applies ChangeSide to every groups
ManualCurvesPick Pick a group from your current selection, then select/deselect the curves that should be kept. Useful when automatic detection got it wrong
LengthBetweenOffsets Distance beetween two offset curves when the Outline mode is used
Offset Offset distance from the group's main curve
LengthOffset Length of every offset curve
AngleArrow Angle when arrow mode is used
LengthArrow Length of every arrowheads curves
AddReference When enabled, applies a specialized version of WS2S_AddRef command to your result
TextHeight Text height used when AddReference is enabled
Rhino6.15 or later