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Table - User Manual


Table is a plugin for Rhino 3D, designed to add the possibility to create, import or edit spreadsheets in your Rhino document.

Plugin installation

The plugin installer can be downloaded at: A free trial is included, and yearly licenses can be purchased on the aforementioned page. Table works for both Rhino 5 and Rhino 6, but some features only exist in the Rhino 6 version.

Our Table plugin is also compatible with Yak, Rhino's new package manager. You can install it from the repository with the following command line:

License activation

The free evaluation can be used once per computer, and requires a network access to the following adress:
The license activation requires network access to
Please check your firewall in case of failure.


The toolbars for Rhino are always included in your plugins installation directory, or can be downloaded here. To install them, you just have to drag/drop the file “Tomkod.rui” to a rhino window.

Features and commands


This command can be used only from the command line prompt. It displays the plugin's current revision and license status.

This command is not available yet.



The command TableCreate allows to create a new table directly from Rhino. At first it will show a basic spreadsheet editor:

Afterward, the user will be able to pick the Table's insertion point, with a realtime preview. 1)



  • FontHeight: Takes a number for the text height.
  • Font: Pops up a dialog to let the user select the required font family.


The command TableEdit allows to edit a table created or imported with our plugin. It works exactly the same as the command TableCreate, except that the user will be asked to select an existing table to edit.

The same spreadsheet editor and options are available.



The command TableImport allows to import a spreadsheet from an Excel file (.xls, .xlsx) or from a csv file (.csv). After launching the command, a dialog offer to select a compatible file:

If the excel file has several sheets, you will be asked to pick one among the list:

Missing Image

Scripted mode






In rhino5, the preview might not display the texts with the selected font